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10 Time Consuming IT tasks you should automate Today!
July 2, 2021

INTRODUCTION: Quite often, IT automation is feared with the notion that it’s complex, requires resources and large investments. The solution is simply to start small – gain quick wins in automating repetitive tasks, before expanding automation into more complex processes.   Most IT departments have been implementing automation gradually and incrementally for years, yet very… View Article

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Why do many Companies never Succeed at Automation? The 10 Burning Mistakes they make and how to Solve them!
December 12, 2020

We all know the buzzword that Business Process Automation has become. However, its implementation is usually more difficult than we think. If done in the right manner, you can drive growth and efficiency. If not, then all the efforts, investments and time turn up futile. To succeed at automation, you must have a clearly defined goal that aims to weed out the redundancies you have in your workflow.

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