Striving to make a Meaningful Impact on the Lives

Today, our society is largely dealing with number of critical social problems like child labor, improper healthcare facilities, unemployment, global warming, etc. However, stepping ahead and making an effort to contribute society in fighting towards these challenges is very gratifying. We, at Paramatrix believe in taking consistent small steps towards a transformation for the better. Abiding by our values of Respect, Integrity, and Empathy, we are glad to introduce and sustain our "Social Responsibility awareness program" this year to tackle social problems.

The main Objectives of this program are to offer a platform to our employees to expand their ability to reach more people and serve them better in our society. It would also enable us to extend our support to various key social causes in our society.

CSR Activities


NGO Vatsalya Trust, Navi Mumbai.

It is a registered charitable trust under Bombay public trust act1950 which strives hard to provide support to underprivileged girls and senior citizens of society. They run 3 major divisions, Balika ashram, Vrudhashram and computer institute for girls. Our CSR team provides donations in the form of household, regular daily use grocery, clothes, educational aid to underprivileged girls and respected senior citizens of society associated with this trust in Navi Mumbai. Paramatrix is looking forward to work with such NGO's in developing better society.


Future Activities

Our near future plans are to organise blood donation camp, health check-up camps and educate a child program.

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