TPS (Trade Processing System)

This solution enables users to pick-and-choose from a variety of available report templates thus automating the whole process.

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Name of the Project
TPS (Trade Processing System)

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Business Context
The customer is expected to generate 200+ reports in various formats such as .xls or .txt or .csv and send to their clients everyday. Prior to this solution, these were done manually, which led to the numerous errors such as wrong data, incorrect recipients. Additionally, the amount of manpower deployed was very higher. That is where the Trade Processing System (TPS) came in to the picture that automated the entire process of generating the reports.

List of key challenges:

- Report formats to be configurable at the recipient level
- Facility to pick the desired output from multiple report templates
- System should have capacity to generate large number of reports concurrently
- System should be able to generate large set of reports at minimum no of clicks
- Data and Report level access control to restrict the report generation by unauthorised person

The business need of the client was addressed by delivering the Trade Processing System (TPS) which is a desktop-based solution built using components from the Microsoft technology stack, viz., the .Net Framework 2.0, SQL Server 2012. It allows users to pick the report template to be used (out of 200+ inbuilt templates) and map clients to them. At the time of report generation the system picks up templates mapped to clients and generates the necessary output in as per the report settings.

Although, the solution was built for a Broking organisation, it can serve organisation in other industries as well, who have the need to design multiple templates. The inbuilt user access level controls ensure that the end-user is able to generate reports using only those templates that are mapped to the user’s credentials. Robust solution architecture and the strength of the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 empower the solution to be scalable and ready to handle large volumes of data.

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