eKYC over Conflux Framework

Any organisation which is interested in verifying documents submitted for identify proof and address proof can opt for eKYC as its base platform. It makes such the verification process a breeze.

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Name of Project
eKYC over Conflux Framework

Business Context
eKYC is a Conflux based application to ease the task of electronic verification of various documents like identity proofs, address proofs etc. It has tow components namely a mobile device based and cloud based. It uses Conflux mobile application development framework.

List of key challenges: - Implementing a multi tenant application where clients are provided full freedom to manage their end of the application.
- Easy provisioning of user accounts on mobile devices.
- Fast turnaround times for implementing new features in the mobile applications and corresponding cloud based services. - Fine grained role based access controls on various sections of the application.
- Providing the user experience of native Android apps without building a native mobile application. Hybrid app would have introduced the latencies associated with it.
- Lack of flexibility in intranet based applications to deliver required MIS reports and usage statistics to the management, when people are on the move.
- Handle the challenges of lack of low cost skilled Android developers in market.
- Fast turnaround time to update mobile applications with additional features while maintaining correct versioning respective APIs on the cloud.

- Conflux mobile framework was used as a base to build eKYC application. It solved the need for a robust base to build an enterprise grade mobile application.
- Conflux is built over PACE rapid application development framework, which makes implementation of multi-tenancy a breeze.
- Conflux allows creation of 16 digit unique registration tokens for users, which can be used to tie a user to a particular mobile device. It solves the problem of provisioning of user-accounts in eKYC.
- Conflux allows the developers to build mobile applications using XUL and Javascript. It reduces the implementation time for new features thus increasing the overall turnaround time during the development phase of eKYC.
- Conflux provides role based access controls, which is fine grained enough to apply to individual features or capabilities of the application. Thus all access restrictions required to be implemented in eKYC was handled transparently by it.
- Conflux' state of the art UI rendering engine runs almost at the speed of native apps. The Javascript application is making use of all native widgets available in Android, and thus obtains almost native speeds.
- Centralized reporting mechanism on cloud including usage statistics and various business specific MIS reports.
- There were no need for Android developers to build eKYC application as Conflux provides the facility to build the whole application in Javascript.
- The requirement specifications kept evolving while eKYC was being built. This required fast prototyping support. Conflux provided perfect setup for not only quick prototyping, but also for maintaining proper versioning of client applications on the mobile devices. It has also taken care of updating current version of mobile application to the end devices.

- Empowers the operators doing customer acquisition work to do on-the-fly verification of documents.
- Fine grained role based access controls on various features of the application.
- Ease of use in provisioning devices to operators, as user accounts are tied-up with devices being used.
- Users can authenticate against internal user-credential store like AD or LDAP running in the intranet.
- Horizontally scalable architecture which can allow the companies to deploy it for few to many thousand users.
- Very responsive and user friendly UI at the mobile end, as it uses native controls of underlying OS.
- Centralized location for log tracking and archival.

Industry Vertical
All industry verticals, which require verification of documents used for identify proof and address proof can be served by this application. It can be useful for banks, broking and insurance companies. It can be included as one of the step of customer acquisition process. eKYC can also be used in educational institutions, housing societies, security agencies etc.

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